No matter what else you’re doing, you can always be praying

No matter what else you’re doing, you can always be praying

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Jesus washed feet,wht don’t we as Christians?

have you ever wondered why we as Christians follow the word the way we want to? I say that to say this, when Jesus told us that we should drink wine in memory of the blood He shed, and that we should (break)eat the bread in memory of His flash that dided for our sins, well we have no problem with doing that every first Sunday, Christians all around the world celebrate that Scripture, but why is it that we have forgotten all about the scripture that says(john 13;14-17) He washed the feet of His disciples,and told His disciples to do the same in memory of Him, just like the bread and wine in memory of Him, why is it that we as Christians do one but not the other? is one more important than the other? I think not! I think His every word is very important! and equally important as any other. He wouldn’t have said it if He didn’t want us to do it!(like all His other words of wisdome an love) so why don’t we do it? why don’t you do it? I think it’s a trick of the devil, poriod! you know satan does not want the Lord to get praised honor and glory and if he can take it away in  any type of way, you know that’s his job, to come and steal kill and destroy so why do we let him? many of us haven’t even thought of that scripture because it seems unimportant to the leaders of our flocks, therefore it became unimportant to us also. when you as a follower  of Christ you read the word an hear for yourself what the Word says, than you’re supposed to follow it regardless of what your pastor says, because the head of the body is Jesus! it says that we are to do those both in memory of him so why one and not the other? have you ever even thought that taking the importance from one and givng it all to the other when all his words are equally important is like choosing what part of His word you want to follow. And at the very end He said now that you know these things you will be blessed if you do them,so how many of yall knew about this or even thought about it?

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