The Thing That Can Save Black Men’s Lives

Anything that has anything to do with saving the lives of black men needs immediate attention

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Drs. Rob and Karla Robinson of The Urban HousecallWhat is The Urban Housecall?

Drs. Karla and Rob Robinson are the hosts of the popular radio show “The Urban Housecall.” They’re also a happily married couple!

One of the many topics that this dynamic health duo is promoting is men’s health, ranging from high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes to nutrition, fitness, weight control, and emotional health.

So, what is their prescription for getting black men healthier?

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A man wearing glasses talking on the phone and smiling

Men’s Health: Today’s Statistics 

Statistically speaking, almost half of all men under the age of 50 don’t have a primary care physician and therefore:

  • Don’t take part in screening tests and preventive health measures.
  • Are 2-3 times more likely to die from highly preventable and/or treatable chronic diseases and illnesses.

Early detection and intervention can improve this health disparity in the urban community. Below is the top thing black men…

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