Every day, Jesus has to cleanse us

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Life’s perceptions, deceives deception

One day I got  a cool glass of water, and set it on the table for a little while, so a few minutes later  I took a sip of it, and it was warmer then I thought it would be. At that temperature it tasted kind of nasty, but I was thirsty so I continued drinking it, and as I was drinking it, I had a thought, the thought was, I drink this same worm( but usually a little cooler) nasty water everyday,so it’s not so bad after all. and when I had that thought the water wasn’t so nasty, in an instant, it went from nasty to Pleasant, now just like you I thought that very strange, until I really put some thought into it, life and everything in it is all up to how each one of us receives it, just like the first four books of the New Testament, Matthew, mark, Luke, John. all four of these men saw the exact same story, each from their own point of view, each one of them was at the same place at the same time and saw the same thing, but each one perceived it differently. And each perception gave new revelation to the same situation, each of these four different perceptions, of the exact same story can be called the individual causes of millions being saved. So hold on to your individual perceptions of life, they make life sweeter and more pleasant in many ways,  simple ways, even as simple as the taste of a glass of water , I hope that we all strive for The living water so that we will never thirst again. Love,pray,think…….

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He brought me out in an unexpected way

In my travels as a taxi cab driver i come in contact with lots of different kinds of people and places,and usually in the past i’ve gotten through them pretty easy and on my own.But one night wile i was on the job i had a fun loving coupel on their way home from the Coliseum(a night club)just as drunk as everybody else who gets into my cab on a friday night.Well we had a nice convo about how much fun they had and how they can’t wait to get home and to bed,so i get them home with out incident,they pay me and gave me a very nice tip(they said because they enjoyed my company so much) and stumbled out of my cab,i watched them until they got to the door and waved goodby.And thats when the trouble started,ok,first off let me explane something about the situation,they live in a gated apartment complex that in order to get in you have to have either a code or a card to enter.Now sence we were already in, that was’nt the problem,the problem was getting out,now usually all I have to do is drive up to the gate and(from the inside) it opends  up automatically.But this night their was a BIG problem,and i didn’t even have a clue that their was a problem with the gate when the truck in front of me was just sitting their for a wile,i just thought it was a group of drunk College kids that couldn’t get it together,and because i couldn’t see past the huge truck i didn’t know that the gate wasn’t opening.After a wile the truck reversed and then pulled out of my way,so now it’s time for me to pull up to the gate and see if it opends for me,so i pull up to the spot that usually opends the gate,but nothing happends, so i sit their for a wlie(wile the guy in the truck sits and waits to see if it will open for me) and after it dawns on me that im locked in this place. I reverse and start looking for another exit because i just know that their has to be one some where around here because after the guy in the truck saw that the gate wasn’t opening for me either he took off in the other direction,like he new about another way out so i went in the same direction, only to find that(after driving completely around the entire complex) their was only one exit and it didn’t work.So now im wondering what happnd to the guy in the truck? And as i got back around to the broke gate i see the truck parked to my right,now im really starting to worry,because it’s late and i don’t see any number to call in case the gate  malfunctions,and on top of all that it’s a very busy friday night witch means lots of money to make.And the more time i sit their the less money l’ll make so you know im trying to get free A.S.A.P! So i get out of the cab and try and use brute strangth to pry it up and out of my way,but even though i am strong enough to lift it high enough i cant hold it their and drive the cab through,so i go back to the cab and thats when it dawns on me that i wasn’t useing all of my steength after all.I had forgotten(like most Christians do)that i am a son of the most high God,witch means that i have power though Jesus Christ,and i remembered that their is power in the name of Jesus,and i remembered that the word says we have not because we ask not.And sence I know that their is power in  the word of God i started to pray(in the mighty name of Jesus) i simply asked the Lord to open the gate,and I sat their in  faith that the gate would open right befoer my eyes,i could just see it raise up,up, and out of my way.But it didn’t, it just set their and didn’t move an inch, so i thought on His word that also says wait on the Lord and be of good courage.Now all that sounds good when you are just reading it,but when you have to actually live it, it’s a totally different thing,so im just sitting their imagining how the Lord is going to just send some angels to assist me when this guy pulls up on the other side of the gate on the entrance side.And  i just start thanking Jesus because i know that as soon as this guy opens the gate and is through it i can quickly speed through the entrance side.And i say to my self,Lord, i didn’t see you doing it(answering my pryer)that way but any way you want to deliver me out, let your will be done! So i sit their and waited for him to openthe gate but he does’nt,so i tell him im stuck inside becaose the gate wont open from this side( hoping this would prompt him to open the gate from his side) so he says he cant open the gate from his side because he does’nt live here.He says that he is their to pick up his friend,so i ask can his friend open the gate? And of corse his friend dont have a car so he does’nt have a card(i did’nt think at the time to ask his friend if he knew the code) so he gets out of his car and starts to lift the rod that is in my way,at that time his friend comes and moves his car, so after he lifts it high enough i can get he cab out! Well i thanked him for his help and drove off thanking God for sending him.I didnt expect the stranger to just help me,and with out me even asking him,that right their was all Jesus! And i give him all praise honor and glory for bringing me out. Even though it was’nt a life and deth situation,just to know that the Lord herd my cry on a small thing and attended to my needs just lets me(and you) know that he hears us all rether the problm is big or small.If you pray and have faith that it will happen, IT WILL HAPPEN!!! atlease thats what i get from the hole situation,what did you all get from it,please let me know,leave a commint.LOVE,PRAY,THINK……….

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