Who really has the right to child support(By Mrs. Brothabless)

Childsupport:lets chat on this subject. Should a man pay for a child he didnt plan or doesnt want? Ive seen so many women swindle their way, base, on having a child,to keep or trap a man. Therefore using a child for there benefit an not love. Should these women get childsupport for entrapment. Please dont get me wrong if they are married by all means the child deserves whats due or if that parent was attack then by all means fine this man and make him pay. But what happens when a man has ask a female are you practicing birthcontrol an you fine out later that she wasnt. What happens when she just wants to have a child to keep him under wraps doing anything to keep him a part of her life? Women have the control over their bodies and in my opinion. They should not be having babies they cant afford if the unmarried man doestn want these helpless children. When will the women be responsible for her own body and the decisions she makes. If you are not married to these men on your sex capades then stop having sex or let him know your birthcontrol may not be working. Instead of forcing somebody to take care of a child they dont want and want spend time with. Women wake up an take care of yourself an don’t be an incabeter for a mistake. Children can be a mistakes if you are not prepard or dont have the means. We have a bigger purpose than just having everybody in the neigborhood children. Im brothabless wife,but if i was the judge you wouldnt get a dime without written consent that the man wanted this child with you. Think with your brain an not your va jj.

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