Vengeance is of the Lord

im going through a situation right now with a ex and she is lieing on me and has brought the police into it so now it seems that im in danger of going to jail for something that i didnt even do,all bacause i left her because she cheeted on me with several other men and got i was telling my sister about it and it pissed her off to the point that she wanted to lay hands on her(and not the holy kind either)so i had to let her know(even though i kind of agreed with her on some levels from my pain) that i am waiting on the Lord to fight my battles because the Word of God says vengeance is mine says the Lord.and if i strike out at her i will be takeing it out of His hands,and if i do that i have to expect His vengeance to come upon me too,and Lord knows i dont want any part of that.Because i think that im already experiencing some of his chestsizing as we speak,for being with her in  the first place,so this that im already going through is more than enough,I just ask all of you to keep me in your prayers for my freedom and vindication from her lies.God bless you all.


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