Fill your heart with God’s love and Word and pour out to others

Fill your heart with God’s love and Word and pour out to others

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Woman Arrested after Calling Police on her Pimp

Wow some women are prostitutes for a reason because they were too dumb to be anything else

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WEST HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — A woman has been charged with prostitution in Connecticut after calling police to complain about how she was being treated by a pimp.

Police say they did not find the pimp when they arrived at a Super 8 Motel in West Haven on Sunday, but they did find 35-year-old Jennifer Lowery with a man they describe as a customer.

Police charged Lowery with prostitution and 60-year-old Richard Burford of New Haven with patronizing a prostitute.

Police say Lowery told them she thought it would take police longer to show up, so she decided to conduct some business while waiting.

Attempts to reach the pair for comment Thursday morning were unsuccessful. There was no answer at a phone number listed for Burford, and no phone listing for Lowery.

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Tamar Braxton Explains Why Her Sisters Won’t Be On Her Album [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

I think all the sisters should work together in their singing career because they are family they should do things in a family way but that’s just my thoughts

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BET 106 & Park With Special Guest Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton became famous for being on “Braxton Family Values” with her sisters, but none of them will appear on her forthcoming album even though they all sing professionally. Is Tamar Braxton being stingy with the spotlight, or did they turn her down? Listen to this interview from “The Russ Parr Morning Show” to hear Tamar’s answers, and to hear her talk about why she’s been frustrated for so many years.

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when the Lord punishes WOE to that person When you rebuke and discipline anyone for their sin, you consume their wealth like a moth— surely everyone is but a breath.
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This very scripture was carried out in my life to the point of homelesness,you see i was lost in lust and all the wile I thought I was lost in love,but how can that be when FIRST I was married(and trying to get a devorse) so anyway i met this woman(we will just call her T) wile I was going through A devorse (and keep in mind that I told this “christian”woman from the start) and I didnt want to have sex until I was fully devorsed and we were fully married.Well all I know is that A woman knows how to get what she wants when she really wants it(not saying i didnt have any blame in the matter).And thats exactally what happend,we had even broke up A few times over the subject,and the last time I even went to the piont to delete all her stuff out of my phone and put all the things she had in my house out of my house,but she kept calling(and when i didnt answer) she kept texting,and when that didnt work she just came over and finished wairing me down until I just gave in.And this is how we get to me being punished through lack of money,only if I had just saw her for who she was in the first place,some one who didnt care about my spirital welfare as long as she could get some sex.It didnt matter to her that she was doing the oppisit of strengthening my spirital walk,and the longer I stayed with her the less I was blessed because God dont bless no mess! and whats sad is that I really knew better than to keep messing with her, but body wise, she was alot of what I was looking for in A lady and i soon found out that thats all we had in common, adultrery! and she kept on finding ways to condone our sin and like A fool I kept on accepting them,that is until I just couldnt do it any more, thats when God removed the vale and I could see clearly enough to get away from her,now dont get me wrong,it seems like im still being punished for that hole aituation,but atleast im not still living in sin with her so thats one step,and I have asked forgivness from God from her and from myself for my actions, and have moved on with my life(by the way my wife and I are back together) so I have lived this scripture to where I can give A little sound edvise,witch is watch your actions because God does, and you dont want to be punished by him cause you can’t get away from His judgement,REAL TALK!!! PRAY…LOVE…THINK